The Package

tennis players

Signature Scholarships offer a highly individualised and personal college placement service that is committed to finding the right match for you.

What we do....

Player/parent meeting to discuss college tennis and the Signature Scholarships process

Assessment and review of tennis and academic suitability

Production of player profile to be displayed on website and released to college coaches

Communicate directly with targeted college programmes based on level and requirements

Unlimited number of mailing hits to college coaches throughout the recruiting process

Help and advice with SAT preparation and registration

Continued advice on college programmes once negotiations between player and coach have begun

Direction through the NCAA registration and paperwork process

Direction through VISA application

Continued support and monitoring once Signature prospect has started their college career

For pricing and payment information or to arrange a meeting or consultation please contact us.

Strike a balance with Signature Scholarships

We understand that the majority of college tennis players will move on to a career outside of tennis after graduating. However big or small your tennis ambitions are, we won’t let a prospective student athlete sacrifice academic course suitability or quality of degree study. Instead we will commit fully to finding the right fit for you on the court, in the classroom and in a social setting. Signature Scholarships are on your side and will only settle for a match that supports all of your best interests.