College Tennis

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Opportunities for everyone

Unsure of where you sit with your tennis and academic level? 1,182 colleges sponsored tennis teams in the 2019/20 season, spread between NCAA Div 1, 2 and 3, JUCO, and NAIA programmes.

At Signature Scholarships we believe that if the athlete is willing to invest the time into both their tennis and academics then a college scholarship offer is an attainable goal.

The broad range of college programmes cater for the world’s top ranked juniors, all the way down to national and regional level players.

Vast competition structure

Being a scholarship student athlete in the USA is a unique experience that will push you to the limits both on and off the court.

The astonishing strength in depth, match structure, programme backing and availability of high level competition will take your tennis to a whole new level.

There are currently over 10,000 women and 9,000 men active in the college tennis system today, with thousands more searching for a programme to fit their needs.

Access to world class facilities

Many US universities boast professional level facilities that are exclusively for the use of their student athlete population. State of the art gyms, stadiums, sports medicine facilities and personnel are used on a daily basis to help provide the cutting edge to college programmes across the US.  All of these world class resources will be on your doorstep from the moment you touchdown on a college campus.

NCAA fixtures attract a huge following and have loyal fan bases across a variety of sports. Whilst competing in your university colours you will have the opportunity to play in front of and be known by a wide range of fellow students and members of the local community.



Ambitions of playing on the pro tour? 

Competing in the collegiate system is a proven pathway for aspiring professional tennis players. Many household tennis names, top 100 players and top ranked British touring pros have paved their way into the professional game after graduating from college.   The landscape of professional tennis has changed vastly in the past decade, with many players emerging onto the scene far later and playing into their late 30’s.  The holistic training approach adopted by college programmes allows for the late developer to mature physically and mentally on the court, and provides the perfect spring board for a push into the pros.  Signature Scholarships will work tirelessly to find you the coach to bring the best out of your game whatever your goals are in tennis.


The ultimate team experience